Thursday, February 14, 2013

How much would a zoo pay for these animals?

Okay I am in the process of developing a game, with a similar concept to Zoo Tycoon. But a little more serious and detailed. There are 155 animals to choose from, but for the sake of this question I will only ask for 12. I am aware that prices vary, from different places you import the animals from. I am looking for a educated estimate. This is the import price, NOT the upkeep or cost to build the enclosure but if you can include these if you wish. The zoo is located in the US and you will need to employ workers to maintain a certain temperature to allow the animal to reach its 'maximum lifespan'

I am aware of programming so I am not looking for a lecture on how it works. This isn't my first game I have produced.

The animals are as follows:
1. Siberian Tiger
2. Africa Elephant
3. Asian Elephant
4. Northern Right Whale
5. Common Chimpanzee
6. Gharial
7. Nile Crocodile
8. African Lion
9. Sperm Whale
10. Siamang
11. Burmese Python
12. Northern Cassowary

I KNOW that these Whales aren't in zoos in real life, but this is a GAME not real life. So to keep the whales in a correct enclosure and not in poor conditions, so it can reach its maximum lifespan

REMEMBER: I am looking for the price of the animal and the shipping, any extra information on Food or upkeep isn't necessary but it would help. Thank you for your time.

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