Sunday, May 6, 2012

How to watch xunlei pptv movie in Canada

How to watch xunlei pptv movie in Canada


Access xunlei movie in Canada. 迅雷(Xunlei) a.k.a Thunder offers many useful services such as Offline Download (for BT, Direct Download, Emule), Xunlei Kankan which is a service similar to Hulu but with many foreign content such as anime and TV shows from Japan and korea. XunLei). Until they started to block foreign users from accessing many of their content and service few years ago. Many may already know how to bypass their filter by using China VPN.

It took me a while to get how my Chinese mates watch TV and movies online. Usually around noon time, you could see the mainland Chinese bringing in take-away lunch from the cafeteria and watch movies or TV (mostly Taiwanese or American, I should point out). Even movies that haven't yet made it to the Hong Kong cinemas are already online with streaming DVD high definition (HD) quality. You can also watch with ipad vpn.

It's not even that hard to find. It's remarkable that the Hollywood IP infringement folks didn't wake up to do something about those, as some of those websites are located in China's Special Economic Zones which I've heard are under more strict IP enforcement. Looking at the commercials, it's quite obvious the local Chinese movie industry not only doesn't care but supports this activity. How odd.


why you need china ip address?

with china ip address, you can watch free online movie such as,, and watch xunlei pptv outside china

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