Monday, May 7, 2012

How to Watch Hulu in Kenya

How to Watch Hulu in Kenya




Watching Hulu in the Kenya is possible, there are thousands that don't believe this is possible but it is, just as long as you have VPN at the ready.  Now most will know VPN, this is a virtual private network that can be used so that you are able to watch Hulu in the Kenya.  However if you want to know the problem why you can't access Hulu when you live in Kenya, its simple the computer you're using, it knows it is stationed in the Kenya and not in the U.S.

So what we need to do is obtain an American IP address. The best way to do this is to use a VPN connection. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and what it does is connect you to a server that will act as a middleman between you and the website you want to reach. If the server is located in the US then Hulu will think you are too – this is by far the best way to unblock the service and allow you to watch Hulu outside the US.
Using Anonymous VPN is completely legal, and watching Hulu using your new American IP address is also Okay. VPN's are typically used to maintain your IP address anonymous, keep your data safe, and give you access to restricted websites like Hulu, Netflix, and Pandora.
All you need is just change your IP address to USA and use Hulu VPN . United States IP is the only way to review Hulu from abroad.
A VPN account is not free but it is well worth the small investment. Besides allowing you to unblock just about every country specific US service you will also get a much safer online experience as all you traffic is safe when accessing wireless networks etc. When streaming video it is important to get a fast and reliable VPN provider.
Check  How to set up Hulu to watch outside the US  丨 US VPN   Now you will just have to get the right VPN for you to access Hulu

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