Saturday, April 14, 2012

How to use Google Music in India

How to use Google Music in India


Use Google Music in India, Google Music is now available to everyone in the U.S. on the Web and will be available to mobile users in the coming days.

This platfrom allows users to store and stream up to 20,000 songs in Google's cloud storage for free. Google Music also allows users to share their songs easily to their friends.Google Music is expected to launch 13 million tracks from several music labels.  Eight million of these tracks are already available. Major music labels that have partnered with Google include Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, EMI, and some indie labels like Merlin.
Music is only available in the United States. How to use Google Music outside USA
How to enable Google Music outside United States
Hiding your Non-US IP address,You should change the network settings on your computer and make it look like you are surfing the web from a US based IP address. There are many ways to get a US based IP address:
US VPN service. vpntraffic provide usa vpn,fast and stable! Our package include 40 countries,only $5/month.such as Germany VPN, Canada VPN,etc.
After changing your IP address, you're in Google Music now! You can download Google Music Manager to add your music to the cloud and download your entire library from the cloud to your computer. Once you've added songs to Google Music, you can listen to your music anywhere that you have internet access.

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