Monday, April 23, 2012

How to Listen Raditaz in Indonesia

How to Listen Raditaz in Indonesia


Access Raditaz in Indonesia ? That's Raditaz, a new pandora competitor that is providing a streaming music servic. It allows you to discover songs on the go, discover new music and it allows you to tag and share music that you like. It's more or less a service for building your own radio stations. These stations play songs you like or just songs that fit in the same genre or whatever pattern.



Raditaz Accessible only in USA?


However, despite all of the highlighted positive features, there is one thing that is missing from this entire package. This feature is the accessibility of the service across the world. The problem with Raditaz is that it is only accessible in USA. We know that internet has removed distances and the world is now a global village. By virtue of this, the music of different nations, countries and cultures is also popular in other regions as well. Hence, many people would love to listen to Raditaz outside the USA that have a taste for music but as the service is restricted to USA. They are deprived of this facility.


USE US IP VPN for Accessing Raditaz outside USA!

There is good news for all of our readers: you can now access Raditaz in any part of the world! All you need to do is get a VPN connection and then change your IP with a US IP. By doing this, the Raditaz servers will not realize that you are outside US as the IP address indicates the location of a netizen. In this way, you will be granted full access to the Raditaz radio by the help of a US VPN connection.

Get the Android version, The iOS version or just use their website to play songs.  You can use Android VPN , iPad VPN , iPhone VPNBypass the ip address block.

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