Saturday, March 17, 2012

VPN with a supported IP

with a supported IP version and supported IP connectivity establishment method is also negotiatedwith RAN B. Alternatively, this information mightbe received as part of the policies from the ANDSFserver over RAT A in step 6, or it may be staticallypreconfigured. Step 9. IP mobility mode is selected for RAT B,based upon information dynamically received instep 6 and step 8, RAT B service provider policiesor preconfigured RAT B IP operation specifics. Step 10. Intelligent buffering starts for uplink (UL)and downlink (DL) bearer traffic in conjunctionwith make-before-break IP registration with thecommon IP mobility anchor over the RAT B instep 11. This is intended to minimize packet loss,delay, jitter and reordering on data path switch. Step 11. Make-before-break IP connectivity establishment procedure is performed over RAT B

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