Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Removing a VPN Client Version Installed with MSI Installe

To uninstall a VPN Client version that was installed with the MSI installer, follow these steps:
Step 1 Double-click the Add/Remove Programs control panel and select Cisco VPN Client. (See Figure 2-4.)
Figure 2-4 Removing Cisco VPN Client
Step 2 Click Remove. You see a dialog box asking you to confirm that you want to remove the VPN Client from 
your PC. (See Figure 2-5.)
Figure 2-5 Uninstall Confirmation Dialog Box
Step 3 Click Yes. The Installer displays a dialog box (Figure 2-6) asking whether you want to delete your 
existing connection profiles.
Step 4 Click Yes (the default) if you want to remove your connection profiles or No to retain them.2-7
VPN Client User Guide for Windows
Chapter 2      Installing the VPN Client
Installing the VPN Client Through Microsoft Windows Installer
Figure 2-6 Uninstall Dialog Box - Delete Connection Profiles
Step 5 The wizard displays a dialog box asking whether you want to delete your existing Cisco certificates. (See 
Figure 2-7.) Click Ye s (the default) to delete them or No to retain them.
Figure 2-7 Uninstall Dialog Box - Delete Certificates
Step 6 To remove the Cisco VPN Client, click Next. Or to halt the wizard, click Cancel.
When you respond to this dialog box, the wizard removes the Cisco VPN Client. If you elected to remove 
your connection profiles and/or certificates, these files are also removed; otherwise, these files remain 
on your system.
Step 7 To make these changes take effect, you must restart your computer. When it finishes uninstalling the 
VPN Client, the wizard asks whether you want to restart your computer now or restart later. Select the 
appropriate radio button and click Finish.
If you select Restart Now, the wizard exits and restarts your computer. If you select Restart Later, the 
wizard simply exits.

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