Monday, March 19, 2012

internet connection from a vpn

Protocol (IAPP) recommended practice [8]. It may be also desired ,to support the handoff across subnets via mobile IP or so in the ,future.  ,For the WLAN-based Internet service provider like KT, it is ,highly desired to be able to monitor the usage/status of the ,WLAN. The current 802.11 provides different types of ,information via Management Information Bases (MIBs) [4], ,which can be accessed via SNMP or other protocol such as Dr. ,Nespot. Currently available MIBs seem not enough for the service ,providers in many situations. That is one of the reasons why many ,AP vendors support proprietary MIBs which are not part of the ,standard specification. Currently, the 802.11 working group is ,enhancing the radio resource managementi receive my internet connection from a vpn connection and i want to share it with my vpn .. capability of the ,802.11 WLAN by developing IEEE 802.11k [11]. The 802.11k ,will provide a much richer set of MIBs as well as many radio ,resource management capabilities desired to establish an ,intelligent WLAN environment. ,6. CONCLUDING REMARKS ,A WLAN-based Internet service of KT, called NESPOT, is ,expanding in a remarkable manner since its inception in early ,2002. However, the public service by WLAN is expected to ,encounter intrinsic limits of the technology, which was not ,originally designed for the public service. Those problems include ,security issue, maintenance, incompatibility among vendorspecific protocols and implementations, and QoS issues, etc.  ,

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