Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to Watch Netflix in Brazil Online

How to Watch Netflix in Brazil Online

Netflix is an internet streaming Media Company located in USA. Its streaming services are currently available in USA, Canada and Latin America. If you are living in US, you can also subscribe to flat rate DVD-by-mail. The company was established in the year 1997 and began to offer DVDS on subscription from the year 1999. By 2009, it could boast of 10 million customers and had got a collection of 100,000 titles. Ever since it was founded the company has been adding subscribers at good rate. And, Netflix launched its website in 1998 and started online subscription based on their pay-per-rental model. However, the company introduced the flat-fee with unlimited rental from 2000 onwards. Presently, one million DVDs are ordered every month from Netflix consisting of more than thousand titles.
The best VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the best tool available for watching Netflix online if you do not live in USA. On subscribing the best VPN service, a user is connected to a remote server located in another country through an encrypted vpn tunnel. VPN is the most secure tool to safeguard once data as it travels through internet. There are many tools for protecting data or information as long as it is residing within the system. Tools like anti-virus software, firewalls, etc, belong to such tools but they are not effective against threats when data travels through internet. This is where VPN is considered the most effective tool for online security. This encrypted tunnel has also an important part to play in enabling you to watch Netflix outside of USA.

How to unblock Netflix in Brazil?

Accessing Netflix means to switch your IP into an US one. Thankfully, the solution is very easy, and don't need any computer knowledge.
Once the connection is established you appear as an American. Netflix's blocking system isn't able to dectect the change, so your access is granted.

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