Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to Watch Czech's Streaming Online TV show from outside Czech

How to Watch Czech's Streaming Online TV show from outside Czech

Czechoslovak Television
Television in Czechoslovakia started to take its first steps before World War II. However, before visible results could be achieved, all activities were interrupted by the war. Research continued after the war. The first trial television broadcast was shown in 1948 at the MEVRO International Radio Exhibition in Prague. A trial television broadcast from Studio Prague started on May 1, 1953, and on February 25, 1954 it was declared regular. Soon, additional studios were established: in Ostrava on December 31, 1955, in Bratislava on November 3, 1956, in Brno on July 6, 1961, and in Košice on February 25, 1962. 1970 - launching of a second channel 1973 - colour broadcasting on the second channel 1975 - colour broadcasting on the first channel
Maybe you're a citizen of the Czech who's moved abroad and you miss keeping up with your favorite television shows-or maybe you're just an American who is curious what TV in another country is like. 
Whatever the reason, if you've ever tried to go to a streaming TV website such as iPlayer, iTV, Hulu or Netflix and you're in a different country, you're greeted with a message telling you that due to restrictions they can't let you watch anything. Bummer! 
How does it know that? What's happening is that the website looks at your public IP address and uses it to determine your location.  Watch TV on websites which restrict IP's,ou can now watch tv series outside of the Czech.
The solution to this problem is to use what is called a VPN. Using our new Czech VPN server we can help you traveling abroad to watch their favorite TV shows.

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